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Review: Panart sable watercolour brushes

This is third and last set of watercolour brushes that I received from Panart Global to review recently. The earlier two were the synthetic sable and interlocked synthetic.

Since these are sable brushes, you can expect good quality from them, more specifically the sable brush characteristics of good water holding capacity and the ability to snap back to a sharp point.

These brushes are designed a bit differently compared to other watercolour brushes. The body is thicker at the end rather than at the grip section. So holding this brush feels more like holding a pen than a brush.

Because the end is thicker, the brush may not fit into certain brush holders. I have clips at my table to hold the brushes while I'm painting so that I can have quick access to them. With this brush, I'm not able to put the brushes securely into the holes of the clips.

The body of the brush is made of densified wood, basically compressed wood to make the body harder. Technically speaking, the body is as hard as typical wooden brushes because we humans aren't strong enough to dent the wood by griping. But when you hit the wood with the back of your fingernail, you can definitely hear the difference between this compressed wood vs typical hollow-er wood. Basically, with this brush it makes you feel like you are holding something really solid.

The wood grain pattern on each brush is different and looks really nice.

The top three strokes were painted with synthetic brushes while the bottom three with the sable brush. With the sable brush, you not only have more water holding capacity, you can also get a wider variation of thickness because the sable brush hair is able to go wider than synthetic brushes of the same size.

The brushes are nice to paint with. Other than the brush feeling like pens because of the thinner grip and thicker ends, it works no different compared to other sable brushes.

It's easy to go into small areas and paint details easier with the sharp point. And after each stroke, the hair will go back to its point.

Overall, this is a very good watercolour brush from Panart Global. That's really not surprising since we're talking about sable brushes anyway.

You can find out more information about these as well as other types of brushes on Panart's websites:


This brush is currently available at select retail outlets in Germany, Italy and Norway. You can get them online at Peters Art Shop (Germany), they ship worldwide.

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