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Review: Panart Interlocked Synthetic Watercolour Brushes

I've recently received some watercolour brushes from Panart Global, a company from India. hese are the Interlocked Synthetic watercolour brushes.

The hair is made of silver-coloured synthetic filament. These brushes are available in rounds and flats.

The body is made of densified wood, basically compressed wood to make it harder than typical wood.

I don't really feel the difference between the hardened vs typical wooden brushes though. Both are hard. What's nice is unique wood grain and colouring on the glossy body. They look great.

These are short handle brushes and they handle well, and feels good in hand.

The hair has a good springy feel to them.

And it looks like you can get a rather sharp point with the round brush.

Water holding capacity is alright, very typical of synthetic brushes. When painting large areas, prepare to load it more often compared to sable brushes.

This is the sketch that I painted with a large flat and round brush.

For the sky I was able to create a nice gradation with wet on wet techniques. There was no obvious streaks or brush marks.

I used the round brush to paint the shadows here.

Round brush again for the white strokes, painted with gouache.

I was able to get into the tiny areas to paint details with the sharp point.

Overall performance of the brush is good, comparable to other high quality synthetic brushes that I've used, such as the Escoda Perla. One thing I really like about these brushes is they look really beautiful.

You can find out more information about these as well as other types of brushes on Panart's websites:


This brush is currently available at select retail outlets in Germany, Italy and Norway. You can get them online at Peters Art Shop (Germany), they ship worldwide.

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