Review: Furrie & Shortie Issue #1 - Be the Most Wonderful You

Furrie & Shortie Issue #1 - Be the Most Wonderful You is a bilingual comic created by the husband and wife team of James Teo and Yvonne Tham.

The comic is a labour of love for the couple-and the characters are inspired by the relationship of the couple in their daily lives. Furrie is a tall hairy character, while Shortie is that-short — much like the couple in real life. (Full disclosure: I know them personally and contributed a pin up art for it .)

The comic is in the vein of “Lao Fu Zi” and “Shan Mao” comic strip, where it’s mainly devoid of text, except for the title of each comic strip. Each comic strip plays on the dynamics of the two characters — to bring out “the most wonderful you”. The drawings have a certain quirkiness to it which makes it appealing and the design of the book from the cover, to the texture of the paper complements the book well.

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