Bookmark Parka Blogs on and win

This contest is now closed. Thanks for the participation!

It has been a long time since the last contest.

This giveaway is made possible by readers — You! — who bought books through the Amazon links on my blog. I've finally saved enough to organize two this month. Don't miss both!


  • You'll need a account, or sign up for a free one.
  • Bookmark* Parka Blogs homepage on using this link.
  • Tag your bookmark with these keywords:
    animation illustration concept art books artbooks
  • Choose one art book as your prize from the list of eleven below.
  • One winner will be chosen randomly.
  • The deadline for this giveaway is midnight (GMT time) of 16th June 2009.
  • Make sure that you fill your e-mail in the comment field correctly so that I can contact you afterward.
  • This giveaway is only for USA participants currently.

*If you've already bookmarked my blog before this giveaway, just post your account name together with your selected art book in the comment.

Other notes

In case you don't know, is a online bookmarking website. It's a great place to find interesting websites (hopefully mine) bookmarked by other people. I use it all the time, especially useful in the office when trying to access websites I bookmarked at home.

Currently, 34 people have bookmarked Parka Blogs. On the deadline, I'll do some math to see if all the bookmarks add up. If they don't, I'll have to rollover the art books to the next giveaway. So don't comment without bookmarking, it won't work.

Giveaways in the future will open to readers from other countries. It's just that I want to spend it on the books than on shipping with my limited funds this month.

It will also help tremendously if you promote this giveaway on your blog, or even link to my blog from your sidebar. After all, this giveaway is made possible by readers and supporters. Thanks very much if you do so!

Good luck!

Art Books You Can Win

Just choose from this list any art books you want as your prize. They all come with reviews so you can see which one you like.

You'll be getting new books, not those (my collection) in the picture above.

Surf's Up: The Art and Making of a True Story
Surf's Up: The Art and Making of a True Story

The Art of Bee Movie
The Art of Bee Movie

The Art of Monster House
The Art of Monster House

Shrek: The Art of the Quest
Shrek: The Art of the Quest

The Art of Bolt
The Art of Bolt

The Art of Monsters vs Aliens
The Art of Monsters vs Aliens

The Art of Madagascar Escape 2 Africa
The Art of Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

The Art of Up
The Art of Up

The Art of Finding Nemo
The Art of Finding Nemo

The Art of The Incredibles
The Art of The Incredibles

The Art of Ratatouille
The Art of Ratatouille


Hey Parka,

though from germany and therefore not able to participate, I bookmarked your great blog nonetheless!

Keep up the good work. Your site is a regular and heavy dose of inspiration.


Hallo Parka!
Great contest idea, gotta spread the love for the art books. (Your blog alone put a serious dent in my bank account) My account name for delicious is "lesnemo", and I would like the Art of Up! :D
Thank you!

I'm also from Germany. Already bookmarked, twittered and 'friendfeeded' about your great blog in the last weeks. :-)

great contest!!!great blog!!!
my username in is lemonu208
I have followed all the steps.
My favourite book from your list is "The Art of Ratatouille"
I live in the US.,have my fingers crossed!!!

Oh, I don't live in US. Maybe next time...

Parka, I often buy books that you review here, but I usually don't buy straight away. I click on your Amazon link and save it on my wishlist for later. Am I helping you doing this or would be better if I only click on your link when I'm finishing the buying?

Thanks for the new bookmarks, everyone!

Alex - I think it works only if you click the links on the same day you buy the books. Thanks for the support.

I'll try for the Art of Up

I'm erniesthings on delicious


Thanks for sharing these book reviews with the rest of the community. Our local bookstore / Library seldom get Art Books I'm interested in so I'm glad I'm able to see you flip through some of these books before making a purchase. :)

I'm Hadoland on delicuous, and I'd really like to try for "The Art of UP"


Hey, cool contest. I'm hoping for Art of Up
my user name is stejahen

Username is "ninacox" and put me down for the Art of Up book, please! I'm not in the United States but my boyfriend is, so if I get lucky I'll just give you his address. I hope that's not a problem...

If it is, that's cool too. I would've bookmarked this site anyway.

Okay, I bookmarked you on delicious with the tags suggested. lebonasmiles is my user name on that site. And please put me down for the Art of Ratatouille. I'm an Artist as well as a Writer. My home page has links to my websites, including my blog and page to by my first book.

Leona Bushman
Rebellion on Piza 7

Nice contest. Put me down for "Art of Up"
my username is aceddude

cool. thanks.

Randy Tecson

Thanks for the contest.

My username is pugsfly. Put me for "The Art of Bolt".

Well i dont live in USA but id be willing to pay for the shipping if that's the probleeeem xD
If that was ok, I'd like ratatouille i think xD ITS SO HARD TO PICK ONE!