Book Review: Vesage

VESAGE is a collection of art from the members of the Visual Effects Society (VES). Most of the art are in traditional medium, with a few photos and even fewer digital art pieces.

To qualify to be a member of the VES, an individual must have a minimum of five years' experience in the visual effects industry and be recommended by two members of the society.

There are two prominently featured artists in the book, Albert Whitlock and Dan Curry. The text talks about their career and life with a gallery of their work.

The rest of the book is filled with a variety of prints from the different artists. The captions are short and only describe what's in the scene, with no added context for the creation. In that respect, the book feels a bit light in content in the latter half of the book. The images are quite random, at times this feels like a catalog book.

Personally, I won't recommend this book because I like my books to focus on a specific medium or theme. And no, this book is not about visual effects but on the personal art from the members of VEX.

Here's a list of artists whose work are featured:
Bernd Angerer
Eran Barnea
Shannon Blake Gans
Dan Curry
Syd Dutton
Harrison Ellenshaw
Peter Ellenshaw
Scott Frankel
Rocco Gioffre
Kelly Granite
Ben Gunsberger
Eric Hanson
Pam Hogarth
Jack Haye
Richard Hollander
Evan Jacobs
Eli Jarra
Randy Jonsson
Peter C. Koczera
Tim Landry
Lorne Lanning
Andy Lomas
Jim Morris
Jeffrey A. Okun
Toni Pace Carstensen
Andrea Paolino
Frank Petzold
Fred Raimondi
Jay Redd
Deborah Ristie
Stuart Robertson
Steven Robiner
Carl Rosendahl
Mike Rosenthal
Steven J. Scott
Robert Scopinich
Mark Spatny
Paul Swendsen
David Takemura
Bill Taylor
Richard Taylor
Diana Walczak
Habib Zargarpour

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