Book Review: Extreme Worlds

Extreme Worlds

The first part goes into the basics like tools, theories and techniques required to get into sci-fi art.

The second part, the Demos section features illustrations which are broken down into step-by-step sequences where you can follow along, or apply the techniques to your own creation. You'll learn how to draw humanoids, aliens, monsters, spaceships, vehicles, robots, spaceport, interiors and backgrounds.

There are tutorials on digital art creation as well as digital painting. The explanation is simple and easy to follow. There are plenty of practical tips and insights that address not just on how to create but also why it's done that way.

The final part of the book takes a concept "Space Opera" and develops the world around it, the story, characters and spaceships.

Extreme Worlds is a nice and simple beginner guide for artists who want to create their own sci-fi worlds.

You can check out more art from Francis Tsai at I'm a follower of his blog and is really impressed with his intricate 3D models created using the free Google Sketchup, which are then painted over.

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