Book Review: Digital Art Masters Volume 2

Digital Art Masters Volume 2

The illustrations in this book shouldn't be unfamiliar if you're a frequent visitor of 3D Total. The artwork can be found in the art galleries over there.

This book has compiled the working processes of more than 50 artists. It is not a step-by-step tutorial book and it doesn't focus on any specific software. But the frequently used software are 3D Max, Maya and Photoshop. The art techniques used by the artists can be easily achieved using similar software.

One illustration from each artist is chosen. The workflow of creating the illustration is then explained in first person by the artists. They talk about the challenges, tips, techniques and inspiration they have. For example, on the subject of creating realism in scenes, different artists will take different approaches. All these are discussed non technically that every reader should have no problem following.

The book focuses heavily on 3D art. However, there's a small section with several artists featured on 2D digital painting as well. For 3D, you'll read about things like how textures are applied, how lighting is handled, the different approaches to modeling etc. For digital painting, it's basically on the process and how they achieve the look they planned out in the concept stage.

This book is highly recommended to 3D modelers and digital painting artists.

Here's a list of website links to the artists featured:
Andrzej Sykut
Alessandro Baldasseroni
Alessandro Pacciani
Alexandru Popescu
Andre Holzmeister
Andre Kutscherauer
Andrea Bertaccini
Andrey Yamkovoy
Antonio Jose Gonzalez Benitez
Benita Winckler
Brian Recktenwald
Daniel Moreno Diaz
Daniela Uhlig
Fran Ferriz Blanquer
Fred Bastide
Gerhard Mozsi
Glen Angus
Hoang Nguyen
Hrvoje Rafael
Hyung-Jun Kim
James Busby
Jian Guo
Jonathan Simard
Jonny Duddle
Khalid Abdulla Al Muharraqi
Kornel Ravadits
Kosta Atanasov
Marcel Baumann
Marcin Klicki
Marco Menco
Marek Denko
Massimo Righi
Mauricio Santos
Michael Smith
Mikko Kinnunen
Neil Maccormack
Olga Antonenko
Patrick Beaulieu
Pawel Hynek
Philip Straub
Raymond Yong
Rose Frith
Sebastien Sonet
Stefan Morrell
Tae Young Choi
Torsten J. Postolka
Vincent Guibert
Vitaly S Alexius
Wen-Xi Chen
Wiek Luijken
Yang Zhang

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