Book Review: Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio

Here's the art book for Robh Ruppel, an artist who does matte painting, concept and character designs. He designs images and worlds for video games, movies and print. The book collects some of his concept art, which makes half of the book, and the rest on his life paintings on environments. Mainly digital art but there are some oil paintings as well.

Aspect Ratio is a paperback with 132 pages. Since the art is mainly printed on the right page, it's about half that page number. They are mainly environment art and they are beautiful pieces. When it's not some sci-fi theme, it's on the natural outdoors or the suburban. He teaches art and some of those demo pieces are included as well.

He has worked on the incredibly beautiful art from Uncharted 2, which appears in The Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, but aren't in this book. Check out this CGSociety interview with him.

A very nice art book for artists into background and concept art.

This book is available for sale at Nucleus | Art Gallery and Store for $20.

You can check out more work from Robh Ruppel at and

Aspect Ratio - 01

Aspect Ratio - 02

Aspect Ratio - 03

Aspect Ratio - 04

Aspect Ratio - 05

Aspect Ratio - 06

Aspect Ratio - 07

Aspect Ratio - 08

Aspect Ratio - 09

Aspect Ratio - 10

The book reads normally from left to right, but most of the images are on the right page hence the video was shot that way.


This book is available for sale at Nucleus | Art Gallery and Store.


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