Artists at STGCC 2012 (Part 4)

Gamersaurus Studios is a local game design company made up of experienced gaming enthusiasts. The company produces custom card/board games and has recently launched their first mass market title – The Package. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their second title – Mr Weebl's Narwhals. Gamersaurus REX at Upper Thomson Rd is the retail arm of Gamersaurus specializing in analog and miniature gaming retail.

Collateral Damage Studios
In 2007, a group of art enthusiasts met up and decided to form a Doujin group on a whim. Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) was thus formed. Heavily influenced by Japanese comics and animation, CDS aims to continuously hone and improve the quality of our collective lot. Through our artworks, we hope to inspire creativity and make the world a prettier place for everyone.

JHC Studio was formed in 2012 by Jayfri Hashim - an art enthusiast, freelance graphic designer, vector artist, published comic artist and a fast-paced illustrator. He has a history of producing artwork timely, earned years on illustrating for children resource training and is currently working on a mostly Comic-based project. Jayfri's recent work included Arena Ignite as a tonist and letterer. It was a projected funded by MDA First Time Writer and Illustrator Initiative 2009, joined by Association Comic Artiste Singapore (ACAS) and worked with Nice One Entertainment on a self-produced concept comic. In early 2012, Jayfri joined the International Society Caricature Art (ISCA). He then formed JHC Studio, a web-based online Digital Vector for caricature services. JHC Studio is currently taking its step into comic publishing.

Just Nice was founded with the intent of bringing new experiences to the masses. What began as an experiment has morphed into a unstoppable engine of creation of sights and sounds. From the clubs around the region, to the tops of skyscrapers, Just Nice can be found shining it's lights and blasting its message loudly and proudly to anyone who is willing to stop and see.

Portraits and Figures
Roger & Ralph Crisostomo is a father-and-son creative team. This duo combines an interesting mix of traditional art and contemporary design. Roger, the patriarch is an award-winning painter in the Philippines while Ralph, on the other hand is a Singapore-based multimedia designer.

Comix Pandora is a Singaporean local hobby and Doujinshi group publishing original Doujinshi and Merchandises.


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