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Book Review: The Art of Tangled

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This is a very beautiful book for Disney's 50th feature film, Tangled, which is also the first 3D computer-animated fairy tale for them.

The 160-page hardcover is filled with the very distinctive Disney style art, featuring character designs, environment and storyboards.

I love the beautiful character sketches and there are lots of them. Some of the character artists are Jin Kim, Claire Keane, Bill Schwab who drew really expressive characters. But much of them are drawn by legendary animator Glen Keane, and they really stand out with their lively action poses. It's fun to see the many expressions and tricks Rapunzel can do with her 70-feet hair. Other than Rapunzel, there are sketches for Flynn Rider (prince), Pascal (chameleon), Maximus (horse) and other characters like the bad guys.

As for the environment art, you'll get to see the familiar Disney towns and castles as interpreted by artists today. The design inspiration comes from previous Disney films like Cinderella, Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty. Some of the paintings from those films are also included. It's about translating what used to be 2D into 3D and you can read all about the challenges from the artists' interviews.

The change in medium for creating Tangled makes it feel like a totally fresh Disney fairy tale, yet it also feels like the older ones at the same time. It continues Disney's legacy in animation in a fine way.

This book is a treat to artists, animators and art lovers. A lot of great artists contributed to the art and unfortunately I can't name them all so you'll have to get the book to check out their work.


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