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Huion Sleeve Bag for pen displays and tablets

Review sample provided by Huion

This is one of few pen display and tablet sleeve bags sold by Huion. The price for this is USD 49.99.

This particular one has a carrying handle on the shorter side. This bag is available only in black.

The fabric and zips are designed to keep out water.

This sleeve bag can fit pen displays and tablets from 13 to 15 inches. Shown above is the Huion Kamvas Studio 16 which is a 15.8-inch tablet with 16:9 espect ratio display.

The inner sides are soft velvet surface with enough cushion.

And that's my 16-inch laptop with a 16:10 display. Any laptop that's larger than this will not be able to go into the bag.

Inside the other zipped pocket are two smaller pockets inside.

Should you want the carrying handle on the longer side, you can get the other carrying bag (USD 49.99) which is grey in colour. There's also a backpack which is USD 59.99.

All these accessories are available from Huion online store