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Review: XP-Pen AC41 & AC42 Display Tablet Stand

Big thanks to XP-Pen for sending the stands over for this review.

The XP-Pen AC41 and AC42 are stands made for tablets and pen displays. These are sometimes bundled together with the pen displays sold by XP-Pen. For example, the AC41 stand was bundled with the Innovator 16 pen display.

The two model differ by the width.

AC41 is the larger stand and is meant for devices 15-inches or larger. AC42 is meant for 11 to 13-inch devices.

The stand is made of solid plastic with a matte surface texture on the front. There are two rubber strips for your device to rest on. The larger model has larger rubber strips.

When collapsed, it's quite thin making it easy to transport.

That's the back. Build quality is solid.

The stand can only be deployed at one angle which is comfortable to work with.

If you need it higher, you can probably prop it up with a book like I've done here with the Innovator 16.

The smaller AC42 fits the iPad Pro 12.9 inch perfectly.

However, if you lay the iPad Pro on the larger AC41 stand, you can have the tablet on the side with some space to rest your palm. It is for this reason that I would probably recommend the larger AC41 over the smaller AC42.

The Samsung Tab A 8.0 with S Pen looks small on the AC41. But it can still rest nicely on the support.

The bottom latch holds the tablet.

You can also use the bigger stand with a 15-inch laptop. This allows for a comfortable angle to type with, and you can have the display higher and easier to see without hunching.

These are functional stands with good build quality. Only downside is they can only be deployed at one angle.

Price of the smaller AC42 is US $19.99. The bigger AC41 is US $25.99. You can find both on XP-Pen online store: AC41 | AC42