Sketchwalk videos from 2012

I like looking back at the videos made during sketchwalks. There's the energy you just cannot get from photos.

The first sketchwalk of the year was at Chinatown drawing the decorations. And it's going to be that time again to go back for more sketching.

This was at Kampong Glam, one of popular tourist spots in Singapore. There are lots of restaurants and places for hanging out with friends. We sketched there often.

In July, we went to Penang. It was a major sketchwalk with sketchers from Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. It was really fun sketching in such a huge group. In Feb 2013, we'll be going to Bangkok for another meetup with our international friends.

July's sketchwalk was at Tiong Bahru. I think we had to come up with some books so we had to go there to make more sketches.

Tiong Bahru again, sometimes we're just there to visit the cafes and eateries.

Armenian Street.

This was at Singapore Art Museum in August.

Chinatown is just an interesting place to sketch. One can just spend a few days sketching all the interesting stalls and street scenes. This was during the Mid Autumn Festival.

This is the anniversary celebrating the launch of the book Urban Sketchers Singapore Vol 1.

Liz Steel from Australia came to Singapore! We spend a few days sketching with her. This was from her first day at Tiong Bahru.



hey, i really liked this post

hey, i really liked this post, i think it's awesome U_U ii saw some of the videos an i have some questions:
- what kind of ink, aquarelles and paper do you use?
- do you sell your paintings?
- not really a question, but...isn't it uncomfortable to apint in the middle of the street?? here in spain i would find it quite strange...for me, at least xD
Thanks for reading :)

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