Packing for Bandung, Indonesia Sketching Trip

I'll be going to Bandung, Indonesia for a sketching event on 30 April to 2 May 2015. As usual, here's a sketch of my packing list.

The things I'll be bringing are not too different from those that I brought for the Hanoi sketching trip in March.

I'll be compiling all my Bandung sketches into an eBook as well. So support me on Patreon.

There are two videos on this page. The first video shows me sketching and the second video is me talking about the tools.

What's written below is mostly mentioned in the video above.

Here are the items.

Pelikan M200 fountain pen (fine nib)
This will be my main sketching pen. I like the nib which has some degree of flex. It's not that soft but you can certainly get thicker lines with added pressure. It has a large ink reservoir that I'll fill up. It probably won't need another refill for the four days of intensive sketching.

Duke 209 fountain pen with Fude nib
This is a fantastic Fude nib fountain pen. Recently someone commented that this pen is slippery. It's true. That's why I've roughen up the surface with sandpaper. It's now less slippery.

Uniball Vision Eye Needle
This is the backup pen. It's quite similar to the Uniball Eye rollerball pen. The ink is pigmented, waterproof and archival. That's what I like about some of these Uniball pens.

Rosemary sable travel brush
I usually swap between using the Da Vinci Maestro pocket brush and the Rosemary. They are both excellent sable brushes.

Pentel and Kuretake waterbrushes
For the previous trip in Hanoi, I brought the Sakura waterbrush and that wasn't quite a good performer. This time I'm bring the tried and tested Pentel and Kuretake. These will be backups as I prefer using a normal brush for watercolour sketching.

Daniel Smith watercolours
I always bring Daniel Smith watercolours because I'm familiar with them.

Noodler's ink
A waterproof black ink that's safe for fountain pens. The downside is it dries too slowly.

Small Nutella bottle
For washing brushes.

Strathmore 400 Series Watercolour Journal
This is a new sketchbook that I bought. It's a Strathmore 400 Series Watercolour Journal. There are 48 pages of 300gsm watercolour paper. The coldpress surface looks nice. It can open flat which is great for drawing panorama scene. The downside is it's paperback. A hardback would be better at least your pages have something to back against when drawing. I'll be able to review this sketchbook after I come back from the trip.

Manhattan Portage Urban Bag
A compact bag good for packing A5 sketchbooks and some watercolour supplies.

It's a tough portable stool.

That's the North Face hat. It's waterproof to a certain extent and it provides good shade when walking under the sun.

Water bottle
The green paint is still peeling off.


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