Granulating Blue Watercolour

Unlike reds, there are many blues that granulate. Shown above are just some that I have, namely, DS Cerulean Blue Chromium (PB 36), DS French Ultramarine (PB 29), DS Cobalt Blue and Kremer Pigment's Cobalt Blue Dark (PB 74). Other blues that I know of that granulate are Verditer Blue, Mayan Blue Genuine, Lunar Blue, Lapis Lazuli, Prussian Blue, Cerulean Blue, Azurite, Manganese Blue Hue, Blue Apatite Genuine and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. There are so many options to go with.

DS Transparent Red Oxide (PR 101) is probably the paint that granulates the most.

Kremer Pigment's Cobalt Blue Dark is the only version of PB 74 that I know of that produces such obvious granulation. I've tried Old Holland, Winsor & Newton, Stephen Quiller but while they granulate, they aren't as textured as Kremer Pigment's version.

If you know of other granulating blues, let me know in the comments section.

I'm trying to create a palette with only granulating paints.


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Thanks for your insights

Thanks for your insights Parka. I agree with your assessment of the Kremer Cobalt Dark Blue. Like most Kremer watercolours, however, it doesn’t mix well with other pigments. The granulation of Holbein’s Ultramarine Blue Deep is extraordinary; it also mixes well with other pigments to make evocative greys and rich purples. In contrast, I have found that Holbein’s Cerulean Blue has the least dramatic granulation of the Ceruleans I have tried (including D. Smith, Windsor & Newton, and Sennelier).

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