Sleeping cutie

I drew a few sketches of Tiffany with another sketchbook which wasn't good at handling watercolour so I've switched to using the Stillman & Birn Beta series sketchbook. While it does not use 100% cotton paper, it can handle water quite well. And it's very thick so it doesn't buckle much even with heavy washes. I was using pen and ink initially but decided to switch to using pencils because it's softer. The look and feel seem more suitable for drawing a baby.

Today's the second day that Tiffany is out. Newborns love to sleep and if you do anything that affects their sleep, they cry.

Shown above is Tiffany being swaddled in blanket. She likes being swaddle. When you take the blanket away, she cries. I've been reading up on swadding and was quite surprised to find that there were mixed opinions on the effects. The act of swaddling serves two purposes. One's to keep the baby warm, just like how the womb of the mother keeps the baby warm. And the other is to provide a sense of security or familiarity because the baby has just left the womb.

Here's my wife Judy trying to breastfeed Tiffany who was really hungry when she first came out. Tiffany's first poo was black and subsequently the others were greenish.

Just like my friend Drewscape, I think I'm going to document Tiffany's growth with sketches. It will be fun to look back at these sketches many years from now.



It is a wonderful idea to

It is a wonderful idea to sketch Tiffany's growth. It will be a wonderful souvenir four you both and your daughter.
Congratulations to Judy as well.
Swaddling is important in the beginning, but as soon as the baby becomes more mobile, she needs more freedom to move her arms en legs.
The most important to have a child that feels secure and safe in the world is to hug her a lot and to hold her strongly in your arms. Good luck!

The poo colors you mention

The poo colors you mention are normal for a new baby. The black is called meconium and it is the first stuff because it was inside her right before birth. For abreastfeeding Baby the greenish is normal. Good that your wife is breastfeeding,itsvery good for Tiffany, even if it’s only a short time. Most mothers can do it! Good luck! Many blessings to you!

I couldn’t resist commenting.

I couldn’t resist commenting. Those first days go so fast. It’s wonderful that you will document it. I swaddled both my daughters for the first few weeks and it was very helpful. You will see such a change in her in the next two months! Enjoy and give your wife lots of breaks - breastfeeding is exhausting!!!!!

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