September 2020 Reviews Roundup

Here are the artbooks and supplies featured in September 2020.


  1. New Botanical Painting by Harriet De Winton
  2. How to Draw Almost Everything Volume 2: An Illustrated Sourcebook
  3. Frameables Cloudscapes and City Lights: 21 Prints for a Picture-Perfect Home
  4. The Illustrated World of Tolkien by David Day
  5. The Complete Urban Sketching Companion
  6. Royal London Sketchbook by John Cleave
  7. A Travel Guide to Sketching on the Move by Alvin Mark Tan
  8. Shiok, Sia! Sketching Singapore's Favourite Desserts
  9. Shiok, Sia! Sketching Singapore's Favourite Street Food
  10. Hand Drawn Vancouver: Sketches of the City's Neighbourhoods, Buildings, and People
  11. The Art of Onward
  12. Just Draw Botanicals: Beautiful Botanical Art, Contemporary Artists, Modern Materials
  13. Just Draw Fineliner Art: Incredible Illustrations Crafted With Fineliner Pens
  14. Blade Runner 2049 - Interlinked - The Art

Product reviews

  1. ArtGraf magenta and green
  2. Refillable Brush Pen from Straits Art
  3. Commuterpak tablet sling bag by Funk St Outfitters
  4. iPad Pro vs Samsung Tab S7+
  5. C-FORCE Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor (CF015xT)
  6. Inktober 2020 x Viviva Colors Sketchbook
  7. Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brush
  8. Samsung Tab S7+

Youtube videos

  1. CommuterPak: A compact bag for tablet and sketching supplies
  2. Can you draw on a portable external monitor? (CForce CF015xT review)
  3. Daniel Smith Series 5 Colours
  4. What's that doing at the Flower Dome @Gardens by the Bay
  5. 200K Subscribers Giveaway
  6. Basheer Graphics Books (Aug 2020)
  7. Book Review: Hand Drawn Vancouver by Emma Fitzgerald
  8. iPad Pro vs Tab S7+ (Artist Review)
  9. Winsor Newton Series 7 Brush (Part 1/2)
  10. How good is Clip Studio on an Android tablet (Tab S7+)
  11. Sultan Mosque Framed by Shophouses (timelapse sketch tutorial)
  12. Lightfast test batch 2
  13. Strathmore Watercolor Travel Journal with 100% Cotton
  14. VivivaColors Inktober 2020 Sketchbooks
  15. Artist Review: Samsung Tab S7+

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