Review: Pica-Ink pen and Pica-Dry pencil

Someone wrote to me recently on Facebook and said she wanted to send me a pen and pencil to try. I thought why not.

When I first received the pen and pencil, I scratched my head and wondered why would they want to design them that way. The body look so different other pens and pencils.

It turns out that these writing instruments are designed for contractors, carpenters, renovators or engineers who need thin diameter tools to get into small spaces to write. That explains the tapered design.

The clip on the plastic cap has several hooks. That cap is made so that you can clip it to your belt so that you can pull out the pen or pencil easily. You can't post the cap behind.

Pica-Dry is actually a 2mm lead holder and the cap comes with a sharpener.

On the back of Pica-Dry is a button that you can press to extend the lead.

These are the colour options for the lead. When you have used up the original, you can just remove the cap behind and slot in a new lead.

This is Pica-Ink, basically a felt-tip pen.

The interesting thing about this pen is, you can expose the felt-tip by pulling down the side (with pliers). So when the felt-tip wears out, you can pull out the tip, turn it around, and put it back again to expose the other end. Nice.

The ink is quite wet. Ink flow is generous.

As mentioned earlier, they are meant to reach into small spaces to draw. So they aren't the most appropriate tools for writing on paper, although of course you can definitely do so with them.

The company is from Germany so if you want to get the products, you should search European websites. They are available on Amazon Germany, France and UK.

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Curious to ask can you use

Curious to ask can you use this on skin? Can it be drawn on the skin, iam a tattooist and iam after something super fine and smooth easy to sharpen and not too waxy, as an outline only ..
Kind regards

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