Review: Minisopuru Mac Mini Hub with USB-C 10Gbps & NVMe SSD support

Review unit provided by Minisopuru

Minisopuru Mac Mini Hub is a vertical docking station that can hold one M.2 NMVe SSD and has two USB-C with USB 3.2 gen 2 speeds, one microSD card slot and one full-size SD card slot. The price is US $69 at time of review.

Items included are two rubber stoppers for holding the M.2 NVMe SSD, manual, thermal pad and the docking station.

This docking station or hub looks good and has solid build quality. The only colour available is silver so there's no space grey version.

The main limitation is the number or variety of ports available. There are two USB-C ports with USB 3.2 gen 2 speeds (10Gbps). These ports do not output video and do not have Power Delivery.

The connection cable is not removable. I don't expect the cable to suffer from wear and tear damage since you probably won't attach or detach the cable that often.

Installation of the M.2 NVMe SDD is straightforward. Just slot the SSD in, hold it down with the rubber stopper, apply the thermal pad and place the magnetic cover back on. No screws are required.

The M.2 NMVe SSDs supported at 2242, 2260 and 2280.

This setup is quite minimalist.

When it comes to Mac Mini docking stations, design usually comes down to the vertical stand or the flat dock similar in size to the Mac Mini. Vertical stand will obvious take up less table space, but the flat docking stations have the option of holding 2.5-inch SATA SSDs and/or M.2 NMVe SSDs. Price difference is not significant between vertical and horizontal docking stations.

This docking station looks better with the four ports in front and the Mac Mini ports by the side.

Transfer speeds I was able to get with an internal Western Digital SN750 is at least 620MB/s for read and write. Samsung T7 read speed is around 10% slower but still fast enough for 4K 30FPS video editing.

The Minisopuru Mac Mini hub looks good, works well and has decent speed. Main selling point is the vertical stand design and M.2 NVMe SSD support. Main limitation is the variety of ports included. Since you use one USB-C port on the Mac Mini, you're essentially just adding only one USB-C port, the mini and full-size SD card slots. Pricing of US $69 is quite reasonable and competitive compared to other brands.

If you're interested to get this docking station or hub, you can find it on Amazon USA and Minisopuru online store

The other more interesting product to me is actually the iMac docking station.


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