Review: Lululook iPad Pro Magnetic Stand (2nd gen)

Review unit provided by Lululook

This is the 2nd generation Lululook iPad Pro Magnetic Stand. Official retail price is US $79. The stand is available on Lululook's website and Amazon.

Here are the differences from the 1st generation stand that I featured many months ago.

1. The padding on the magnetic plate is now a single huge piece instead of three smaller pieces.

2. The stand has a hole behind which you can use for cable management or for your hand to grab onto easily to transport around.

3. The stand and base are now thinner and look sleeker.

Build quality of the stand is extremely solid as almost everything is made of metal. Texture of the metal is matte. Lululook also makes magnetic stands for other models of iPads too.

The magnetic strength is very strong. You have to hold the base of the stand to pull off the iPad.

The finishing on this stand is very well done. All the edges are beveled so there are no sharp edges.

I've been using this stand for several months now and the hinge is still very tight after countless adjustments.

The base is padded with this hard rubber which has good grip on the table. The padding on the magnetic plate is the hard rubber to prevent scratches on the iPad.

You can use the iPad Pro vertically as well. And the base is very stable.

Overall, this is a well designed good looking stand that works great.

If you're interested to get this stand, you can find it on Lululook, and on Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES | JP)


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