Review: Artisul M0610 Pro graphics tablet

Update July 2020: Tilt sensitivity works

Big thanks again to Artisul for sending over a review unit of the new M0610 Pro graphics tablet.

At the time of review, the price is still unknown but I was told there will be a 30% discount off during the launch of the M0610 Pro graphics tablet and the D16 Pro pen display.

Let's see what's included first.

That's the pen, and pen case made of felt.

This battery-free pen is model P58B and supports up to 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The whole pen is matte surface except for the silver coloured ring in the middle. Build quality feels solid. Weight is just nice. Not too heavy or light.

Artisul mentions tilt sensitivity works only for Mac. However, I've tested Windows 10 and tilt sensitivity works too.

The two side buttons have nice feedback when pressed.

That's the nib remover and 10 replacement nibs.

These are the USB-C and micro-USB adapters for working with phones. This tablet also works with Android version 6.0, Windows 7 and MacOS 10.8.5 or newer.

That's the micro-fiber cleaning clothe and artist glove.

This is the USB data cable for connecting the tablet to the computer. On one end is the L-shape USB-C that goes to the tablet. The other end is the USB type A to the computer.

A card with links to where the drivers can be downloaded, warranty info card and quick start guide.

The tablet features a 10 x 6.3 inch drawing surface. The tablet feels a bit plasticky but it's solid. Design looks nice.

Four rubber feet on the back.

There's a total of 8 physical shortcut buttons. That's 4 above and below the control wheel.

RGB lighting seems like the trend now so this tablet has them as well. The LED lights will actually cycle through all the colours of the colour wheel. They look pretty cool but you can turn them off if you want to.

The last button is on the wheel. The wheel is easy to turn with audible feedback while it turns.


This tablet is compatible with Windows 7, Mac 10.8.5, Android 6.0 or any newer versions of those OS.

I'm using the Windows driver for this review.

Make sure to uninstall other graphic tablet drivers before you install Artisul's driver.

On Windows, the driver is located on the taskbar. Just click on the up arrow near the clock. The tablet needs to be connected or else you will not see the tablet driver icon.

You can customise specific keyboard shortcuts, or choose any pre-defined functions, to any of the physical shortcut buttons. If you're left-handed, you can change the orientation by changing HotKey Align to right.

The two side buttons on the pen can only be configured with mouse clicks. Pressure sensitivity can be adjusted by a slider.

Note that "Support Digital Ink" checkbox. You may need to turn that on or off if the pen/cursor behaves in any unexpected manner. For example, when Digital Ink is selected, the pen is not able to drag and select text.

Drawing performance

All the graphic software tested below are on Windows.

Photoshop CC 2020

Illustrator CC 2020

Medibang Paint Pro

Affinity Photo
This works fine and is responsive.

Clip Studio Paint

Drawing performance is fantastic. The pen is very sensitive and pressure sensitivity works well. There's also quite a nice tactile feedback on the drawing surface.

Lines were able to taper nicely. Curves are smooth. It's easy to maintain consistent pressure and there's no line jitter.

Main issue with Clip Studio Paint is pressure sensitivity did not work by default. The cursor movement was opposite of the pen movement (eg. drawing down will make the cursor go up). The solution is to go into Preferences, turn on WinTab, and choose "use mouse mode in setting of tablet driver". Pen pressure and movement work fine after that.


There are some glitches that happen randomly, and can usually be resolved by restarting the computer. So I'm not sure what's wrong. Whether it's the driver or something else.

Anyway, when the glitches happen, drawing software will be less responsive. The software affected are Photoshop, Illustrator and Krita. For some reason, Affinity Photo and Clip Studio Paint will still work well even if the three other softwares are slow and show lag. Sometimes Medibang will start to show jaggy or jitter lines too.


Build quality of the Artisul is M0610 good.

Drawing performance for the most part is good. When it works, it works well. It's just that occasional glitch/issue that results in lag that irritates. Hopefully it's just a driver issue and can be fixed with future driver updates. This tablet is new so it's not unexpected to experience some issues with drivers.

Where to buy

The Artisul M0610 Pro is available from Artisul's website

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Artisul social media pages:


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