Results for Art Book Review Contest #3

The winner is Melody Kitn! Congratulations.

Here are the books reviewed by readers since the Artbook Review Contest #2:

You can check out the whole list of books reviewed by readers on the forums.

About the Art Book Review Contest

The goal of this contest is to feature more art books with the help of readers, since I can't possibly review every book there is, even though I really want to.

So now you can help contribute. Just pick up any book you currently have and review it. It's that simple, and you get to win prizes too.

The deadline for the contest #4 is on August 31.

For more details on the contest, check out "Win a prize with your art book review".



Hurray! Thanks for giving us

Hurray! Thanks for giving us a forum to do the cool stuff you do while being able to get a chance at a book in the process. I actually ordered two more books and had planned to do another review in the next few days.

Time for me to scour the list (ironically, one of the asian books I wanted was 2 dollars over the limit *snaps fingers*). I'm so giddy at the thought of another book *bounces*

I'll get an email back to you soon~

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