November 2020 Reviews Roundup

Here are the artbooks and supplies featured in November 2020.


  1. The City Scene from the Sidewalk by Alex Price
  2. The Art of DOOM: Eternal
  3. The Art of Wolfwalkers
  4. The Art of Spyro: Reignited
  5. Chess in Art by Peter Herel Raabenstein
  6. A Small City by the Sea: An Artist's View of Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  7. A Week Sketching in the Galapagos

Product reviews

  1. Gaomon M10K Pro drawing tablet
  2. Parblo PR100 Tablet Stand
  3. PRISM+ Q55 4K Android TV (IPS panel)
  4. EXLICON: Professional Tool for Drawing Circles, Ellipses and Mandala Art
  5. Adonit Note-M: 2-in-1 stylus mouse for iPads
  6. Rubber Pen Tips for Apple Pencil
  7. Best fountain pens for drawing: The 3 types for beginners
  8. Wild Dot Plant-based Watercolour Paint
  9. Veikk VK1200 11.6-inch pen display with tilt sensitivity
  10. Commuterpak tablet sling bag by Funk St Outfitters
  11. XP-Pen AC-19 Shortcut Remote

Online courses

  1. Urban Landscapes in Watercolor by Daniel "Pito" Campos (online art course)
  2. Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink (online art course)

Youtube videos

  1. Urban Sketching at Kampong Kapor (tutorial)
  2. Messing around with Neocolor crayons
  3. Sailor Special Nib: New vs Old (before 2016)
  4. Gaomon M10K Pro drawing tablet (review)
  5. Ergotune Supreme ergonomic chair (review)
  6. Back to sketch Little India: Madras & Dunlop St
  7. How to use horizon line for urban sketches
  8. Review: PRISM+ Q55 4K Android TV
  9. How to draw with vanishing points outside the page
  10. Make Mandala Art and Draw Circles Effortlessly: Exlicon Design Tool (review)
  11. La Kopi: Cafe and coffee shop sketches by Alvin Mark Tan
  12. Should You Clean Your Watercolour Palette?
  13. iPad Air 2020 vs Samsung Tab S7 (artist review)
  14. Review: Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache
  15. Tiong Bahru Sketchwalk (Jul 2012)
  16. PRISM+ C315 Max 4K Curved Monitor (artist/designer review)
  17. Drawing tutorial on foreshortening

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