Interview Feature: How to Train Your Dragon

Interview Feature: How to Train Your Dragon

Some interviews on "How to Train Your Dragon" from DreamWorks Youtube page.

Sabrina Riegel, Supervisor of Surfacing

Sean Fennell, Crowds Supervisor

Phil (Captain 3D) McNally, 3D Supervisor

Nathan Loofbourrow, Supervisor of Character TDs

Jeff Light, Supervisor of Character TDs

Matt Paulson, Modeling Supervisor

Kristof Serrand, Supervising Animator

Shaggy Hornsby, Supervising Animator

Gabe Hordos, Supervising Animator

Damon Crowe, Character Effects Supervision

Darren Holmes, Film Editor

JC Alvarez, Final Layout Supervisor

April Knobbe, Matte Painting Supervisor

Cressida Cowell, author of "How to Train Your Dragon" series

Also check out The Art of How to Train Your Dragon if you haven't.


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