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1. You must have commented on one of my Youtube videos in the past

2. Let me know how you will use the Huion Inspiroy KeyDial K200
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4. Contest is open to all except those from India
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Good luck!

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I love to watch all graphic

I love to watch all graphic design related videos on YouTube. I like so much Huion products because they are offering latest technologies within the reasonable price and affordable to all kind of users. I wish to be a Graphic designer. So I will be glad if I can start learning first time with Huion product.

If I win this giveaway, I

If I win this giveaway, I would use the tablet as my stepping stone into learning digital art. I have many ideas on concept art, character designs, and short animation that I’d really want to make, but as a traditional artist, my ideas didn’t get conveyed well since traditional medium has its own limitations. So far I only use my laptop and mouse and dozen tools that I’m still learning, I think the addition of drawing tablet will make my learning experience better. I really want to create and showcase my ideas into art pieces, whether it’s animations or concept art. Maybe I’ll even post my creations to my youtube channel haha (

YouTube name: Bruno Furlani

YouTube name: Bruno Furlani

Hey Teoh!

I'm a comic book colorist and I'm used to the Huion Tablet but mine doesn't have buttons on it, so I have to use my keyboard which is huge and which takes lots of place on my desk. I tried to adapt my position to avoid backaches everyday. This tablet has many advantages but the ergonomics is what I could need. I let you my main page on ArtStation if you wanna check my work :)

Have a nice day and good luck everyone!

Hi Teoh, thank you for this

Hi Teoh, thank you for this opportunity!

My YouTube name is Carolyn Harper, and I would love to learn to use this tablet and incorporate it in my digital art work. I also do some 3D drafting/modeling and I bet this set up would work wonderfully with that!



Thank you for a great opportunity and giving someone a chance to try a pen tablet! If I get a chance to win, having a huion inspiroy keydial will be such a blessing for learning a digital arts. I love the new features of huion products. I watched your reviews in yt about pentablets/pendisplays, and I plan to bought one. Unfortunately, when the pandemic starts , It's hard to save money for pentablets. So this giveaway will also help people who love arts. Thank you.

Yt name:Erica Tuiza

Youtube Name: Gigglepud

Youtube Name: Gigglepud
I would love to get a proper drawing tablet, as I'm currently only using the touch screen of my laptop to make digital art. This would be a great set up to my desk that isn't too clunky! I would use it to draw fanart and original illustrations on krita and Photoshop!

I would use this tablet when

I would use this tablet when learning to use Photoshop for graphic design and drawing. I am also learning Blender at the moment, so it would be a nice plus to have a tablet for that. :)

Hello! I hope your doing well

Hello! I hope your doing well and thanks for the opportunity. If I won this tablet I would use it as a learning tool for digital art. Recently my computer died, it was a two in one so I had the luxury of drawing on the screen but now I’m using a older replacement laptop so my work flow has changed drastically and it’s taking a lot more time then it did before. With the tablet however I could get back to my normal work flow for the most part to be able to finish my school assignments as well as commissions. I know it’ll be a bit of a learning curve to what I’m used to but I think it’d help get me back in the groove of things and start working my productively again. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Youtube name: gail calupcupan

Youtube name: gail calupcupan

Hey, Teoh!
Thanks for this giveaway! Hope you’re doing well. I’m an illustrator and I’m going to be an animation student a couple months from now. If I were to win this giveaway I’d use it to create portraits, designs, and animations! It would really be helpful for not only my personal growth in art but also in my career. Thank you!

Hello Tech, thank you for

Hello Tech, thank you for this offering/contest. My YouTube name is also J.M.Watkins btw.. If I were to win, I would use the tablet to help me get my 2nd (new) career going. I went to school for art and design back in the day but my career the past 30 years was not exactly doing the art that I love. Now that I’m older, I’ve kind of aged out of my job and I want to spend the rest of my days as a working artist. I’ve been taking some time getting my skills back into practice so I haven’t posted any art yet (building the courage up as I practice) but I know I’ll need to invest in some computer equipment now to be able to pull this off. Filming equipment, editing software, digital illustration software and hardware etc. SO I would use this tablet to help me in that process and hopefully start outputting some artwork that I HOPE people will enjoy and want to purchase. We’ll see?? lol Thanks! Love your channel btw!! : )

I would like to use the

I would like to use the drawing tablet to practice digital drawing and 3D modeling as I prepare for college. Perhaps if I think I improved a lot in digital art I can start earning some money during college.

YouTube: Mystic MMD

I would love to win this.

I would love to win this. Thanks for the generosity. I am just learning. Have been a watercolor painter for many years. This month is my birthday and woud be a fantastic gift. Tyvm!

If I win the Huion Inspiroy

If I win the Huion Inspiroy KeyDial K200, I would like to give it to my son whom art is his everything - his escape, his life's peace and calm. He loves to draw and sketch and he creates amazing portraits but I want him to progress in digital format too and this may be the perfect thing he needs to do this. It would help him sooo much on his creative journey. He'd love it! Thank you Teoh for this opportunity.
My YouTube name is IK.

I'm 2D animator working for

I'm 2D animator working for television, currently i'm working for a new Netflix series and I always move from office/work at home/go to my family. This would be sooo useful for moving and working from everywhere!!

Youtube name: Simona Cala'

If I win this tablet, i'll

If I win this tablet, i'll use it to practice digital art. I have always been drawing traditionally using my trusty pen and paper and i've always wanted to make digital art and make webtoons or webcomic
My youtube name is: Lovely Lovely

If i win this, i will no

If i win this, i will no longer use my phone and my finger for my digital arts( cause i cant afford any drawing pad) and im very excited to have my first drawing pad
Yt name: Choy Angel

Hi there, :) I would like to

Hi there, :) I would like to use the Huion Inspiroy KeyDial K200 tablet to learn drawing digitally and make my art more flexible and creative! I think I will be using it for more of my illustration projects and thankfully i'll be able to bring my art onto a bigger creative space!

my youtube channel: ColeyFree

I am a digital artist from

I am a digital artist from south africa trying her best to make an honest living fulfilling my lifelong passion which is creating art. My entire life revolves around making my dream a success because i provide for my family (4 siblings ) and couldnt afford university fees.. So majority of my money comes from my job as a security guard amd from doing digital art commissions. I currently work using a mouse which is very challenging. creating one illustration takes a tremendous amount of effort and so a tablet would lesson not only the mental but the physical strain of creating what i love most ,which is art. i would use this wonderful tablet to produce top quality images (using a mouse restricts me from doing a lot of complex tasks when ullustraring).This tablet would be a HUGE blessing for me.Thank you so much for doing this giveaway . It's a huge blessing

I would use it for teaching

I would use it for teaching and meetings.
I have an old (>20 years) a4 tablet that is good for scribbling on top but it's huge for my desk and I still neeed to move the hand from tablet to keyboard (since it's an old tablet, it works only as a mouse in windows 10 - no more drivers). This one looks _very_ ergonomic.

(youtube username: exocert)
When It's time to enjoy I would draw and retouch photos with the Gimp (my favorite program of all times).

I'm gonna draw cute anime

I'm gonna draw cute anime girls.
And also anime dudes.
Also comics and landscapes and things that watercolour doesn't have an advantage for.
But most of all, I REALLY want to make a Webtoon-style story!

I'm William Mendeleyev on youtube


I'm going to use in tutoring students online.

Mohammad Aljabaly
Thank you

Hello Teoh Yi Chie,

Hello Teoh Yi Chie,

I am a 3D generalist and I do 3D sculpting. Sometimes, I do 2D photomanipulation artworks as well. The Huion KD200 would be very helpful in this regard.

Youtube: Mustafa Ali

Best regards

My son is 14 years old and he

My son is 14 years old and he was learning how to draw portraits from youtube during MCO, I would like to gift him this device so that he can continue to learn and excel on painting and drawings. He would be happy as we don't have the budget to buy him such device. I believed Chinese's idiom said that "工欲善其事,必先利其器“. Hence, I hope he have chance to use this professional device to help him becoming an artist.
Thank you.
YouTube name: huikingngu

I have started freelancing as

I have started freelancing as a graphic designer but I am using mouse currently because I can't afford these tablets. If I won, it would be a great opportunity for me.
Appreciate your work for the giveaway!


Youtube name: WTFGAFS

Youtube name: WTFGAFS

Would love the tablet to draw things I dream about :) have been using a huion tablet for 4 years now but sadly dropped water on it and it broke. Been drawing on my galaxy tab s6 lite since then but drawing on my pc with a good software and good hardware is way different

Youtube name: Kenta Kamiki

Youtube name: Kenta Kamiki

I would love to use this one since I want to have a side hustle since this pandemic has been really hard especially here in the philippines where everything is still on lockdown and the prices is getting higher my day job just don't cut it and I would like to use this one so i could do art and hopefully if successful will be able to start a career on it and lift the financial burden our family is currently facing. thank you so much for this opportunity to us aspiring artists.

Kenta Kamiki

YOUTUBE NAME: Kelvin Okonkwo

YOUTUBE NAME: Kelvin Okonkwo

If I get the tablet, it will enable me to improve on my overall character design skills mainly 3D sculpting and 2D drawing with software's like Autodesk Sketchbook, Medibang, Krita, Blender, Adobe illustrate and Animate. I'm artist that needs to improve onto a professional level. Dear Teoh this would really help me in my journey to hone my skills to the next level.

Thank you.

youtube name : futura

youtube name : futura

ill use it to practice digital drawing. i love drawing so much! and my reason for entering this giveaway is because my tablet died month ago and i cant afford a new one. so wish me luck

Youtube name: Kaboom sihal

Youtube name: Kaboom sihal

I would use the tablet to create the digital art for a game I am developing. I am currently using a mouse, which is very difficult and exhausting.

Hello Teoh! Thank you for

Hello Teoh! Thank you for providing informative drawing tools reviews, I really appreciate your contents on YouTube! I am an engineering students who pick up drawing a year ago and really want to consider the illustrator path in future (hiding from my asian parents ofc xD). This tablet is definitely a great step up frommy current gear, thank you for helding this giveaway!


This is an interesting

This is an interesting drawing tablet. I f I win, would use it mainly for drawing line art and comic creation. Thank you for the thorough reviews. It has helped a lot. Not many reviewers are as art focused as you.

My youtube name is Ken X