Book Review: Strength Training Anatomy

Strength Training Anatomy

Although this book is for bodybuilders, I consider it a tremendously useful resource for any artist who want to understand muscles and how they contribute to form. At 144 pages, it is loaded with hundreds of highly detailed illustrations of men and women made of muscles, literally. You can see all the amazing muscle fibers, tendons and their directions.

There are figures in many different poses providing a complete view of the body, on how they stretch and bend, and the corresponding positions of the muscles. Front, back, top down, bottom up. Yes, nearly every position. The muscles have nowhere to hide.

Everything is colour coded and labeled clearly.

This is an excellent anatomy reference book for muscles. Most highly recommended to all artists. As a bonus, you have bodybuilding tips as well.

5 out of 5 stars.

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The book itself provides a

The book itself provides a great reference and as such, I love it. However, I also find it very sexist - all the images of women expose their breasts, often naked, or see-through clothes and aroused nipples. There is really no need for it! I know it's an anatomy book but in that case, why aren't the guys depicted the same way as well? No, the men are pictured in full clothing, no boners or anything like it, just with massively toned muscled, doing heavy exercises, while the women are presented doing simple stretches and buttocks exercises with their tits out. Wow, great. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pure man myself, but this stuff is really in your face, it seems like at times the author thought that the audience of this book are blokes looking for a wank rather than a guidance on exercising! It's very deminishing, for both men and woman...

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