Book Review: All-American Ads of the 40s

Capitalsim at work...forties style

Another massive collection of colorful magazine advertisements from Taschen. This is the same format as the first book in this series,'All-American Ads 50s', hundresd and hundreds of whole page consumer magazine ads (there are a few pages with two or four) beautifull printed.

As this edition covers the war years, 111 pages carry ads by American companies explaining how they are doing their bit for victory. On page 618 there is a 1941 Greyhound bus ad that features a map of the US showing all the main military camps and the copy tells how Greyhound runs a bus past most of them. In the chapter on 'Industry' I found sixteen 1945 ads from a metal producing company called Bohn, they show futuristic designs for various forms of transport and a wonderful streamline combine harvester.

Most of the ads in the book use illustration rather than photography, so much easier to stretch reality.

This is an ideal gift book for anyone who lived through the forties and if you are just curious about middle-class life back then these thousand ads will give you plenty to think about. A book bargain at the price.

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