ArtGraf adds green and magenta pigment blocks

Two more colours, Magenta and Green, have been added to the ArtGraf pigment blocks.

These are all the colours available now. Shown above are sets for the earth colours, primary colours and monochromatic.

I bought these from Viarco's website and each block was 5,90€. Total shipping for the two pieces from Portugal was 8,45€.

I just wish they would introduce more colours, especially more primary colours.

Overall for what I've paid, it's kinda worth the money because these blocks are quite big and can last for a while.

I'm just using them as typical watercolour pans.

They get reactivated with water quite easily. The green one dissolves more readily.

Since these blocks are big, you can use them with big brushes.

There's no pigment information listed for these colours though.

ArtGraf is essentially watercolour blocks so they behave just like watercolour.

Colours can be vibrant when you use enough paint, but not as vibrant compared to the most vibrant greens (phthalo) and magenta from watercolour.

These are mixes I got when mixing blue and yellow with magenta.

Magenta mixed with greens.

I can't remember exactly what paper I used for this sketch. You should get better colours with better paper.

These are fun to use.

If you already have a set of watercolour, there's probably no compelling reason to buy ArtGraf. They don't offer anything special over other watercolour brands. The main selling point here would be the size of the block, and you can use it for drawing when dry. If you're just going to be using these as watercolour, they are just that, watercolour.

You can find Viarco's ArtGraf from Blick Art Materials (US), Jackson's Art (UK) and Viarco online store.

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Hi Parka,

Hi Parka,

I just received the primary color set yesterday and will try them out this weekend. My main motivation for getting this set is to focus on painting with a limited palette. If I have my watercolor kit I'm always using all the colors. I also needed something else for free shipping. :)

I remember in your review of the primary set, the purple was a little dull. Do you think the new magenta gives you a better purple? And does the green help for mixing greens? This green color doesn't look very natural to me but maybe it's good for mixing. It would be interesting to see a comparison of purples and greens mixed with only the primary set versus mixed with the two new colors.



Nice review and information on all artgraf set. One step away from getting them, thanks to your review. However, I haven't decided because there isn't much information about lightfastness.


You know I am laughing

You know I am laughing because I agree with you about these Art Graf blocks. "No compelling reason to buy if you already have watercolor."
I have the set of six and the plain graphite round tin Art Graf. They sit in my art tackle box and I never use them. They are sort of weird and certainly don't granulate and just dull as a post.

Green is PG-7 (LF 6?) and

Green is PG-7 (LF 6?) and Magenta is PR48-2 (LF 8). I have these in my notes but didn't write down the source. I do monoprinting with water soluble media, and these are great for that, as are Daniel Smith watercolor sticks.

I am using them a bit on F. A

I am using them a bit on F. A. Hot Press. I keep forcing them to be watercolors.
They are certainly interesting.I am getting some granulation too.I know Ernie Verdine uses the liquid graphite and gets wonderful results. Thank you for letting me know about the new colors. Sounds like those colors would be helpful.

Any information yet about

Any information yet about lightfastness? I'm reluctant to put much effort into these after seeing a review of the Derwent Graphitint talking about the fact that they faded quickly, even in conditions where a sketchbook was left closed. Sounds like the Derwent are a transitory pleasure, and I'm wondering about the Artgraf.

Any thoughts on lightfastness in the work you've done?

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