5 Questions for Dominic Qwek

We have with us today art sculptor, Dominic Qwek. Originally from Singapore and currently based in Irvine, California, Dominic is versatile with both traditional and digital sculpting, and we have invited him today to share with us the process of sculpting resin and bronze figurines.

Examples of some of his figurines are featured below

Qn: Could you share with us the process of creating your figurines?

The start of a concept usually begins with an idea in my mind. I take it to paper with rough thumbnail sketches followed by digital block outs in Zbrush. During this phase, a lot of time is spent finessing the design in Zbrush before taking it to final detail. Once the 3d model is done, it is 3D-Printed. The print master is molded and resin castings are made. Final paint application is made to these resin casting.

Qn: What paint, brush and material do you use to touch up on your figurines?

If I'm painting, Airbrush with acrylic paints. For grayscale pieces, I use Mr Hobby primers to get a smooth finish without covering the sculptural detail.

Qn: What were the inspiration/s for your figurines' designs?

My inspiration stems from several artists, the works of H.R. Giger and Takeya Takayuki have a huge impact on my art. There are many other artists who inspire me on a daily basis and it's hard to name all of them.

Qn: What was the most challenging part to creating your figurines?

I would say getting the design right. With 3D art, every angle has to look right. Coming up with a design that resonates with what you want to achieve is tricky too. I'm constantly reiterating my designs during the 3d block out phase and more often than not, I throw away a lot of my early revisions.

Qn: Do you think it's easier to carve out a career as a sculptor or artist in the USA as compared to Singapore? (And why? What could Singapore or USA have done better to promote art/sculpting as a career?)

I don't think there is a difference at all. It might have been harder 20 years ago without the internet. These days, with the internet, it is a lot easier to get recognized. All you really need is a good portfolio and communication skills. Companies are willing to hire from abroad if the portfolio is right and the candidate is a good fit for the company.

We thank Dominic Qwek for this interview, and wish him all the best in his sculpting career. For more of Dominic's works, you may visit his website or his twitter page.


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