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Books seen at Basheer (June 2013)

James Richard's book Freehand Drawing and Discovery is now available at Basheer Graphic Books.

This book is in too, 素描高级课程教学范本 (Advanced Drawing Course Templates).

Illustrators Unlimited is a wonderful book. Reminds me of The Illusives series.

Genga from the master Otomo Katsuhiro

One of the best art books for 2013, The Art of The Croods and the huge book The Art of Brutal Legend.

Machine Rendering is published by Basheer. Looks great. Will review it soon.

I bought this. Katsuya Terada's 10 year retrospective in a surprisingly thin (in my opinion) 328 page book.

Digital Art Masters Vol 8 is out!

The Drawing Handbook of contemporary artists. Mainly a figure drawing book.