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Hi everybody,

Hi everybody,

I just reviewed the list of publicated books in '12 and have to wonder, how many there where and how many I didn't struggled over while following this blog and own researches. So ... have to do some more orders from amazon during Christmas holidays.

my three choices:

1st: BLAST: Scott Robertson – I like design studio press and most of their books. This one is an outstanding compendium of Scott's work for scifi-spaceships, vessels, hovers and so on. The package of images is themed (like in the book drive) and well assorted to one topic.
As typically for S.R. the selection of pics is not just focused on the highress final pics or otherwise overfilled with unfinished sketches - it's a great mix of all, plus everything is in the high quality of S.R.'s painting style. Like to see more books of him and his projects.

2nd: Massive Black Volume 2 – the first one was great, the second one don't rank behind the "black one". They fit well in my collection of animating artbooks.
In this book I like the overwhelming quality of the pics. They show a mass of projects and each one with its best and most representative artworks. The variety of themes gives you a great overview of their studio work and how concept design can keep its high quality through changing topics. Working as a designer I know how difficult it can be not to work on ones beloved main-topic but to experience with different fields on customer demands. These guys do their job really good!

3rd: Foundation 1: FZD Art of Book. – a great book, a greater artist. It's only on my third's choice because, sadly, it's not easy available in europe. But the pics I've seen let me consider about an order. It’s a must on everybody’s list and maybe, if many of us like to order it via amazon, maybe one time it'll be there :D ... Sry, I can't say more about this book than: I won't it. If choosen from the contest, I'd definitely order this one!

bye and have a nice Christmas