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My Top 3 Choices of 2012

My Top 3 Choices of 2012 Artbooks are:

//Foundation 1: FZD Art of Book -- I've been following FZD blogs posted in youtube and I thought that could help me develop more of my art through watching the videos. Pretty amazed I was, learning that Feng Zhu now has a collection of concepts that I love to see and keep me inspired at all times.

//The Art of Gears of War 3 -- Haven't played the game, but as an art hobbyist myself, I find this book outstanding. And by the looks of it, pretty much you'll end up with a lot of inspiration to create your own characters simply by looking at those detailed artworks.

//The Art of Rise of the Guardians -- Such an awesome concepts and fantastic use of colors in the characters are the main strong points of this book. Seeing a different art style than the usual sci-fi's is definately worth to look at.