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The 1st book is a no-brainer

The 1st book is a no-brainer for me, because it is the 1st book coming from a great concept designer that I totally admire and respect for he's work ethic and talent, the book is Foundation 1: FZD Art of Book from Feng Zhu. Unfortunately the cost of shipping to my country is almost 3 times the book's price so I'm waiting for it to be available on Amazon or Book Depository.

For the last 2 books it was a little bit tough, since I'm a video gamer tester, I had to choose from the games related books :)
So after an internal debate I chose the last two: The Art of Mass Effect Universe and The Art of Halo 4.

I'm not a fan of the Mass Effect games, but the ME Universe is so rich and there are so many beautiful designs that made me instantly love this book.

Did not played any of the Halo games, but I can't deny that the concept art from all the games is top notch and the book for the 4th game only, standing at an incredible 192 pages (more than the whole ME Universe book) is a visual delight.

I have to mention the Art of Journey book here, because the art direction of this games is amazing, the designs are not that complex like say Gears of War's but in a world full of guns and mechs, this little game is a mental and visual refresher. I love the color palettes, the story and the book.

The final standing:

1. Foundation 1: FZD Art of Book.
2. The Art of Mass Effect Universe.
3. The Art of Halo 4.

Honorable mention: The Art of Journey.

Thank you for the great work you are doing Parka and Happy Holidays to everyone!