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1. Foundation 1: the best

1. Foundation 1: the best artbook in 2012 for me, me and my friends are fans of Feng Zhu, he has been an inspiration for us till we know him. I also admire the students of FZD school, so many talented. Has been followed FZD School channel on YouTube and didn't missed any Episode :)

2.The Art of Assassin's Creed III: My favorite game series, the game itself is like a dynamic history book, it content many informations and knowledge. What I like most is costume design of this series, amazing.

3. Pixiv Almanac Vol.1: yes, I have a wide range of taste for art :P beutiful artbook, lots of contents, many talented artists, very good to use as a library, it worth being one of my favorite artbook in 2012.

Keep blogging and reviewing.
We'll look forward and keep supporting you :D

@All: Merry Christmas guys, have a nice holidays :)