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Book Review: reMIND Volume 1

reMIND Volume 1

When I first came across Jason Brubaker's website, reMIND only had a few chapters. Now, it's a printed graphic novel available for sale. 152 pages, nicely bind. That was quick. And only 2500 copies are printed.

The story starts with Sonja who lost her cat Victuals in a mysterious bubbling pool of water. Several days later, Victuals came back a talking cat. The story then explores what happened.

It's a nice and unique story, an action adventure mixed with some surprises. The characters are interesting, not just Victuals but also the others which are introduced.

The art is beautiful with a textural feel that's a good match for the story. The composition is fantastic, panels carefully laid out with purpose and that really aids the storytelling.

The book ends with an inspiring look at the process of making the graphic novel as an independent creator.

Also be sure to check out the reMIND website because there are lots of useful information there, like tips on creating graphic novels or promoting your web comic. While you can actually find the graphic novel available as a free web comic there, it's always cool to support artists who create good comics by getting a physical copy.

For those who have been following his work online, you'll probably get an extra sense of appreciation knowing how much effort this book represents.

I enjoy the book very much.

Highly recommended.

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