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Results for Drawing Contest #3: Lost


This round has less participants, which means I had a relatively easier time uploading all the pictures. Thanks for the participation.

Drawing contest #3 is on Lost, the TV series.

The winner is...


Drawing Contest #3 Entry 04 - Antonius Jeffrey
Antonius Jeffrey
I was split between three pieces, from Antonius Jeffrey, Oscar Fabián Triana Méndez and Mike Sekowski. In the end, I used a random number generator to pick the winner.

I thought the piece by Antonius Jeffrey had great mood, three characters sharing a happy moment together, something that's quite hard on the island.

Oscar Fabián Triana Méndez created his piece in traditional medium, cutout cloth and paper. The textures are very nice, especially the hair and clothes, and the leaves.

And then there's the cool dark concept art-style painting by Mike Sekowski. Be sure to check out his blog.

For those who didn't win, stay tuned for more drawing contests in the future!

Update: Since I've extra budget for this contest, I'll put in another winner, Mike Sekowski, fans' favourite. Yeah!


These are the entries, in order of submission.

Clicking on the images will give you a larger view.

Drawing Contest #3 Entry 01 - Tanner Johnson
Tanner Johnson

Drawing Contest #3 Entry 02 - Giorgio Viola
Giorgio Viola

Drawing Contest #3 Entry 03 - Nathan House
Nathan House

Drawing Contest #3 Entry 04 - Antonius Jeffrey
Antonius Jeffrey

Drawing Contest #3 Entry 05 - Oscar Fabián Triana Méndez
Oscar Fabián Triana Méndez

Drawing Contest #3 Entry 06 - Mike Sekowski
Mike Sekowski

Drawing Contest #3 Entry 07 - Jessica Stadler
Jessica Stadler

Drawing Contest #3 Entry 08 - David Füleki
David Füleki