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Hidetaka Tenjin is an amazing

Hidetaka Tenjin is an amazing artist. His art seems to fly right off the page with such vivid colors and details. I see that you also review his other 2005 book Valkyries. Do you have or know any details about his 2011 book Valkyries Second Sortie? I am interested in all three of his books. I love Science Fiction art and am an avid collector of sci-fi and fantasy art books. My favorite artist is Chris Foss. He is an unparalelled talent. Your video reviews are wonderful. You have helped me immensely. Not only in purchasing several unbelievable sci-fi art books, but in expanding my love and knowledge of sci-fi, fantasy, and art in general. Thank you. I recently purchased The Art of EVE online which has not arrived yet. I also own Structura one and two as well. Have been thinking of purchasing Exodyssey and/or Quantumscapes. Knowing some of my interests, I was hoping you might have some recommendations for me. Thank you again and keep up the wonderful reviews!
Loren B. Kowing