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Samsung Physical Keyboard Android Shortcuts

Cmd + /: View keyboard shortcuts
Cmd: Apps
Cmd + Enter: Go to home screen
Cmd + B: Browser
Cmd + C: Open Contacts
Cmd + D: Go to home screen
Cmd + E: Email
Cmd + F: Search
Cmd + J: Tips
Cmd + L: Lock the screen
Cmd + M: Maps
Cmd + N: Open notifications
Cmd + P: Music
Cmd + R: Files
Cmd + S: Messages
Cmd + V: Smart View
Cmd + Z: Settings
Cmd + Shift + V: Camera access on/off
Cmd + Shift + A: Mic access on/off
Alt + Printscreen: Capture Window
Cmd + Shift + S: Screen capture the selection

Cmd + Backspace: Go back
Esc: Back
Shift + Space: Switch languages
Ctrl + Space: Switch languages
Cmd + W: Start/exit DeX Mode
Cmd + Up/down arrow: Maximise/minimise window
Cmd + Left/Right arrow: Snap window to left/right
Cmd + number: Open app on taskbar

Ctrl + X: Cut
Ctrl + C: Copy
Ctrl + V: Paste
Ctrl + A: Select all items
Ctrl + Z: Cancel operation

Alt+ Tab: Switch between open apps
Cmd + Tab: See all opened apps and windows

Touchpad gesture shortcuts
Clicking/Tapping: Click
Dragging: Move the cursor
Holding and dragging: Move selected object
Tapping with two fingers: Open the context menu
Drag with two fingers: Scroll
Spread/Pinch fingers: Zoom in/out
Swipe up/down with three fingers: Recents/Home
Swipe left/right with three fingers: Switch between apps
Tapping with three fingers: Back