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Benks Infinity Pro magnetic iPad stand (review)

Review unit provided by Benks

Update May 2024: This stand is not compatible with the 2024 iPad Pro

I reviewed the Benks Infinity magnetic iPad stand a few months ago and now there's a new model out, just in time for the Apple M2 iPad Pro release.

This new model is called the Benks Infinity Pro Magnetic iPad Stand. The price is US $86 to $96 depending on the iPad model.

Here's the price comparison chart with the earlier model. Prices are inclusive of global free shipping.

The main selling point of the new model (left) is the rotating base.

It's still foldable like the earlier model, just that it doesn't fold as flat due to the thicker cylindrical stand.

The huge rubber padding beneath the base has excellent grip on table.

Rotation works well and there's some clicking mechanism to hold the position so that the base doesn't spin continuously, or rotate with accidental knocks.

The downside is the clicking sound is quite loud when rotating. It's as loud as a mouse clicking.

This is a beautiful stand. Build quality is excellent since as most parts are made of metal except for the rubber padding beneath the base and on the magnetic attachment plate.

The metal has a nice matte textured surface. All edges are beveled. The overall design is clean and minimalist.

The magnetic attachment is very strong so there's little chance of the tablet dislodging even with accidental knocks.

The top hinge is very tight which is nice.

The bottom hinge is tight but it's not strong enough to hold the tablet when the stand is tilted too low. The stand works well and is stable when the stand is more upright or vertical, as shown in the photo above.

These are the recommended angles for use. The tablet can be used in portrait mode as well and you can turn easily with just one hand.

The earlier model has much stronger base hinge but that model doesn't rotate.

So now you have two design options to choose from. Just make sure you get the correct model for the iPad you have.

If you're interested to get the stand, you can get it here from Benks online store. Use the coupon code YC15 for 15% off all Benks products.