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Review: Pitaka MagEZ Case 2, Folio and Stand for the iPad Pro (2021, 2022)

Review units provided by Pitaka

Update May 2024: This stand is not compatible with the 2024 iPad Pro

Pitaka has released their MagEZ Case 2 and MagEZ Charging Stand with the release of the new Apple M2 iPad Pro (2022).

The main selling point of Pitaka products is they are designed to work seamlessly other iPad accessories. Pitaka calls this feature PitaFlow, which lets your iPad flow from one accessory to the other.

The heart of PitaFlow is the MagEZ Case 2 (left). With the iPad Pro in the case, you can place it onto a flip-cover folio (middle) for transport, have it on a magnetic stand (right) on your table, or have it on your Apple Magic Keyboard.

With cases or flip-cover folios from other brands, to use your tablet with other accessories would mean removing the tablet from the case. You don't have to deal with those inconveniences with the MagEZ Case 2. And that's the unique selling point here.

There are two versions of the case, namely MagEZ Case 2 and MagEZ Case Pro (supports wireless charging for the tablet). That black square with rounded corners is the magnetic attachment for the stand.

The prices are US $69 and US $89 respectively.

$69 is really expensive for a case! Why spend so much when you can get something cheaper?

That is a valid question. The answer is so that you can use the case with other accessories such as the e.g. MagEZ magnetic stand, MagEZ flip-cover folio and Apple Magic Keyboard.

In other words, if you don't want to use your iPad Pro interchangeably with the magnetic stand, folio or Apple Magic Keyboard, there's no point buying these products.

The case is made with Aramid fibers which are used in aerospace and military applications. This material is supposed to be durable. The case protects three sides and the back. Apple Pencil 2 can be attached by the side.

There are five designs to choose from and these are created with Fusion Weaving™.

The case clips onto the iPad Pro with little plastic hooks. The hooks are on top of the metal frame and do not overlap onto the glass, so it is possible to use this case with a screen protector.

The case is thin and lightweight, but the downside is it's so thin that it doesn't look like it can protect the tablet against knocks and drops.

The primary purpose of this design is so that the case can work with other MagEZ products. The secondary purpose is to protect the tablet from scratches.

The MagEZ Folio is priced at US $39. This is variation of the US $99 Apple Smart Folio. FYI, third party slim cases can be found for less than US $15.

The MagEZ Folio can be attached to the MagEZ Case 2 or MagEZ Case Pro magnetically.

The MagEZ folio is a slim case that protects the front and back. Together with the detachable case, all sides of the tablet are protected. The case also supports Apple Pencil 2 charging by the side.

The folio and case works just like those cases where you can fold a triangle behind to prop the tablet up. I've actually tried another slim case with the MagEZ Case 2 and the fit wasn't perfect -- my slim case wasn't thick enough. So MagEZ Folio is actually designed to fit perfectly with MagEZ Case 2.

Pitaka sells two magnetic stands: the MagEZ Stand (US$99) and the MagEZ Charging Stand (US $129).

Both magnetic stands have a wireless charging base pad for phones, earbuds and other wireless devices.

MagEZ Charging Stand works with MagEZ Case Pro to provided wireless charging for the tablet. The attachment of the MagEZ Charging Stand has those little connectors. The non-charging stand is just a black plate.

MagEZ Case 2 does not support charging for the tablet.

The stand is stable and build quality is solid. The magnet strength of the attachment is strong so no worries of the tablet falling off. The tablet can be turned to portrait mode with one hand. The angle can be adjusted, but not the height.

These are the wireless charging speeds for various devices:

  • Android 15W
  • iPhone 7.5W
  • Earbuds 5W

Wireless charging is a nice feature but the charging speeds are too slow for my personal preference. FYI, Apple-certified MagSafe Charger can charge up to 15W.

Pricing bundles

The product prices for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros are similar so there are no savings with the smaller tablet.

Here's the list of prices for the products and bundles

  • MagEZ Case 2: US $69
  • MagEZ Case Pro (wireless charging for tablet): $89
  • MagEZ Folio: $39
  • MagEZ Stand: $99
  • MagEZ Charging Stand: $129
  • MagEZ Case 2 + Stand: $168 (no savings)
  • MagEZ Case Pro + Charging Stand + Folio: $218 ($39 savings)

And here's my recommendation for the products and bundles:

  • MagEZ Case 2, MagEZ Case Pro: Don't buy this alone
  • MagEZ Folio: Don't buy this alone
  • MagEZ Stand, MagEZ Charging Stand: Don't buy this alone
  • MagEZ Case 2 + Stand: If you want the stand, and the tablet is usually indoors
  • MagEZ Case Pro + Charging Stand + Folio: If you want the stand, and you use the tablet indoors and outdoors

The selling point of the Pitaka MagEZ products is to let you switch between different ways of using the iPad Pro. So it doesn't really make sense to just buy the products alone.

If you just want the stand, you can find excellent full-metal magnetic stands for around US $80. The downside to those stands is most of them don't work with cases or folios. The only case I know that works with magnetic stand is from MagFit.

If you want to get the case, folio and non-charging stand, the total is US $208. It may be better to just get the charging case, folio and charging stand instead for US $218. Either way, it's pricy. Only you can decide whether the convenience is worth the money. All I can say is these are beautiful products and work great together.

And if you're interested to get these products, visit the Pitaka online store.