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The noise I deal with when video recording

This is a rant post, or a behind-the-scenes of what I have to deal with when it comes to recording videos.

Everyday, it's a combination of these who will disrupt my video recording at home. And of course I drew the sketch above while road works are going on for umpteen times.

Somehow it feels there are two months a year dedicated to just digging up the road to lay some cables, only to dig up the same road again to lay more cables. Continue ad infinitum.

So this is the situation at my new place where I moved here in 2018. On hindsight, I shouldn't have bought my property beside a road, because if you can see the traffic, you can hear the traffic. My situation isn't really that bad. I've always wondered about housing built just beside expressways. My cousin has his property beside an expressway and the noise roars non-stop, everyday. You can't talk without shouting which is obviously not good for relationships. You just can't open the windows.

I don't really mind or care about that bit of noise if I don't record Youtube videos. In fact I'm surprised I've made over 2,000 videos over my two Youtube channels (here and here) despite the noise.

Grass cutting is probably done once a month. I had accidentally left out the guy guy carrying the leaf blower.

Mosquito fogging is done once a week.

I absolutely hate these bikers who modify their bike exhaust.

The RSAF jets fly maybe 5 days a week, and only when it's sunny.

Thankfully the trucks just park and stop.

I actually don't mind thunder because it's natural. Back at my parents' place where I used to record my videos, I had birds chirping in trees beside my block.

Rant over.