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I'm glad to see, that I'm not

I'm glad to see, that I'm not the only one who lost the print of his davinci casaneo pocket brush XD

I also got an older me spintop (the regular/cheaper synthetic line) pocket brush with the barcode on the body, which doesn't loose its print. I like to take that one if I use other water based media, like watercolor pencils or gouache. Is drier and much more stiffer than the casaneo, which I I find helpful for those medias.

As a fountain pen I use a Kaweco Supra for sketching with a, as replacement bought, EF nib. The supra got big Bock 250 size nibs, who are soft in comparison to their 080 sized counterparts one finds for example in the Kaweco Sport or Liliput, and give you a usable range of line variance with out stressing it too much. Yes, the ink reserves of only one standard cartridge is much less, but I prefer it that way: I never run out (yet) on a single day and brings me to wash my pen more often on the refills. (Currently trying that Kaweco mini converter: even less of a fill, but faster to clean and still seems to be enough for a day or two of sketching on A5 or midori notebooks)