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Ugh I bought a series 7

Ugh I bought my first ever series 7 number 2 and was so excited... until it got home and hated using it. Early 2020 so this seems not to be a new issue.

Even one of the artists working in the big box art shop (where I got it) said they don't use WN series 7. They couldn't suggest anything... but could answer what brushes they used when I asked ;)

I bought a bunch of Rosemary and Co for what I was going to spend on bigger Series 7 and haven't looked back.

The Rosemary website lists full brush specs but you may find their series 33 suits. That's what I thought I was getting with the gutless WN series 7. I got a series 441 number 3 which works really well and seems closer to the WN I totally hated.

(That said... Both my kolinsky sable travel mops cracked in two places in the only wood on the brush within barely 3 months of ownership which REALLY annoyed. Oh and they did nothing about... but the regular black short handled brushes are problem free and totally great. Loved the travel mop in pure kolinsky yes really gorgeous brush just taped up to use grrr).

Good luck deciding- the Rosemary website and pdf catalogue is hell on earth for the cash strapped artist!