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ArtGraf adds green and magenta pigment blocks

Two more colours, Magenta and Green, have been added to the ArtGraf pigment blocks.

These are all the colours available now. Shown above are sets for the earth colours, primary colours and monochromatic.

I bought these from Viarco's website and each block was 5,90€. Total shipping for the two pieces from Portugal was 8,45€.

I just wish they would introduce more colours, especially more primary colours.

Overall for what I've paid, it's kinda worth the money because these blocks are quite big and can last for a while.

I'm just using them as typical watercolour pans.

They get reactivated with water quite easily. The green one dissolves more readily.

Since these blocks are big, you can use them with big brushes.

There's no pigment information listed for these colours though.

ArtGraf is essentially watercolour blocks so they behave just like watercolour.

Colours can be vibrant when you use enough paint, but not as vibrant compared to the most vibrant greens (phthalo) and magenta from watercolour.

These are mixes I got when mixing blue and yellow with magenta.

Magenta mixed with greens.

I can't remember exactly what paper I used for this sketch. You should get better colours with better paper.

These are fun to use.

If you already have a set of watercolour, there's probably no compelling reason to buy ArtGraf. They don't offer anything special over other watercolour brands. The main selling point here would be the size of the block, and you can use it for drawing when dry. If you're just going to be using these as watercolour, they are just that, watercolour.

You can find Viarco's ArtGraf from Blick Art Materials (US), Jackson's Art (UK) and Viarco online store.

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