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Yup, the price is right, and

Yup, the price is right, and the colours are nice and vibrant.
But there are two things about Shinhan that people should be careful about.
1) They use some very odd choices of pigments. Some of these are known to be less lightfast (check them at Others may just be uncommon choices, but ok.
And their naming conventions are a mishmash of common paint names, sometimes applied to the weirdest combo of pigments.
2) Look for 'PWC'; don't accidentally buy their so-called 'Professional' line of watercolours, which uses even more oddball, suspect pigments, combined with dyes & fillers. (The 'Pro' line is a decent Student-grade paint – if you know that's what you want.) The name 'Professional' is misleading marketing.
However, if you research pigments, and carefully buy single-pigment tubes with pigments you trust, there are some bargains within their top, PWC line (the one reviewed here). I have around 5 tubes, and am happy with them; and there are another half dozen that I would consider buying.
Only buy the multi-tube sets if you don't care about long term fade-resistance, or will keep your images light-free inside sketchbooks. For that purpose, these paints are more than fine.