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Adonit vs MEKO 2-in-1 Stylus

Both MEKO and Adonit produces disc tip and wire mesh styluses. Let's find out which one's better.

The styluses that I'm comparing are the MEKO 2-in-1 stylus (2nd gen), Adonit Jot Pro and Adonit Mark.

In the photo above, from top to bottom, we have MEKO, Adonit Mark, Adonit Jot Pro, MEKO (again).

In terms of look and feel, both companies produced rather high quality styluses with good build quality. I personally prefer the cleaner more minimalist design of Adonit.

The MEKO stylus is a 2-in-1 stylus which has both the disc tip and wire mesh tip. It's certainly more convenient to have both tips built into the same stylus.

Here's who the wire mesh tips look like. The black's from Adonit Mesh.

These wire mesh tips work just like rubber tips but are more durable because they are made of metal. They do wear out though if you use them long enough.

These are very accurate styluses. The lines always appear directly beneath the tip, and the transparent disc allows you to see the lines as they appear beneath the tips.

There's no parallax problems that are common with digital styluses.

The main difference between the discs is the connection between the tip and the disc. Adonit uses a ball tip and the disc is attached to that ball. MEKO uses a rubber connection.

When drawing, both discs will face the screen flat. But when the stylus is lifted, only the MEKO disc will return to its original position.

The disc tip that returns to its original position works better in most situations. With Adonit, I find that sometimes the disc will be in the wrong position for me to keep drawing. The disc should always face down as much as possible to the screen but because of the ball tip, sometimes, it may face further away than it should. So the MEKO stylus has the slight advantage there.

Adonit's disc tip has a springy feel so it feels slightly better while drawing. It has that feeling of cushioning the tip as you press down.

Overall, the MEKO performs more consistently because of the disc's ability to return to its original shape. Note that I've used other disc tip styluses that can return to original position too but some of their connection is a bit too stiff and the disc has difficulty facing the screen when pressing down. The MEKO and Adonit disc tips work better.

Which is more value for money?

Without a doubt, the MEKO stylus is more worth the money. For the price of US $18, you can get a two-stylus set with several replacement tips included.

Adonit Jot Pro is selling for US $30 and Adonit Mark is US $10. The price difference is quite significant. Even though I like the design of Adonit better, in terms of functionality, both brands are pretty similar so it's difficult to justify paying more for the Adonit.


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