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Review: MEKO 2-in-1 Stylus (2nd Gen)

The MEKO stylus is another disc-tip stylus in the market besides the Adonit Jot. I've seen their styluses on Amazon before but have never tried them until now.

They are priced, at the time of this review, at US $18 on Amazon. That price is for two styluses! There's also the option of a 3-stylus set for US $20.

The two styluses come in this rather nice looking box. Inside the box, all the items are laid out neatly in foam cushion.

The items included are two styluses, four replacement disc tips, two replacement mesh tips, a cleaning cloth and a thank you card.

The stylus is available in various colours: black, blue, aqua blue, pink, rose gold, white and red.

This is the 2nd generation of MEKO styluses. The first generation has a more streamlined body while the 2nd generation features a larger grip.

The stylus is mostly made of metal and has a nice hefty weight to it and feels comfortable to hold. It definitely does not feel cheap even though it is cheap.

To access the disc tip, you have to unscrew the grip section, and then screw the other side of the grip to the body of the pen.

This is a capacitive stylus so there's no pressure sensitivity and palm rejection.

Capacitive styluses require a large tip, e.g. rubber tip, to be in contact with the surface of the touchscreen so that an electromagnetic field can be generated and detected. But a large tip will block you from seeing where the lines are beneath the tip. So some companies use a transparent disc tip to get around the problem. The disc is still large enough for touchscreen detection and the transparent disc allows you to see the lines beneath the tip as they appear.

This stylus is incredibly accurate. The lines always appear directly beneath the tip, right in the middle of the disc.

The connection between the tip and the disc is some sort of rubber. It feels quite tough. The rubber allows the disc to return to its original position after each stroke.

The disc tip is quite smooth on glass but I won't consider it slippery. It's good for writing and drawing.

The only downside is since it does not support palm rejection, when writing or drawing, one has to constantly prevent your palm from touching the screen. Writing or drawing from long periods of time can be tiring.

At the other end, we have the mesh tip beneath the cap.

This looks like some sort of wire mesh, and seems more durable compared to rubber tip styluses. It has a nice amount of friction and bounciness when used on screen.

The wire mesh tip is more comfortable for use for tapping and scrolling, basically, when you don't need the accuracy of the disc tip.

These are the replacement tips included. To replace the disc tips, you just pull it out from the tip holder.


For the price the 2-stylus set is selling at, it's an incredible deal. I consider this to be one of those too-good-to-be-true deals except it's good and it's true.

The styluses perform well and predictably, and they can be used on all sorts of touchscreen devices. They should last for a long time too because you're getting two types of styluses and several replacement tips.

The downside is the lack of palm rejection. Most digital styluses don't have perfect palm rejection anyway.

So if you looking for a simple, general purpose stylus for use with your tablet or smartphone, the MEKO stylus is a good one to consider.


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