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Aussie Red Gold + Quinacridone Liliac + Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (Limited Palette)

These are the scans I've created for my Youtube video.

The three colours I've used here are all from Daniel Smith Watercolor. This particular palette has vibrant reds, oranges and purples but the greens are rather dull.

Aussie Red Gold (PY83 + PR101 + PV19) - This colour has a mixture of three pigments. The resulting colour is a warm orange, a colour that's very close to the actual orange, the fruit. Compared to New Gamboge, this is definitely warmer. When mixed with red, it can produce various shades of orange. When mixed with blue, it's going to produced a dull warm green that's almost muddy looking.

Quinacridone Liliac (PR122) is a rather versatile colour. On its own, it looks like a brighter, cleaner version of Quinacridone Magenta. When added with some warm yellow, in this case Aussie Red Gold, it produces a nice shade of red. And when added to a warm blue, it can produce beautiful vibrant violets or purples. This is a nice cool red to have in palette.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - This colour is part of the Daniel Smith Primatek series of paints, where the pigments are created from minerals. This isn't a particularly strong colour. The tinting strength is low so you need a lot of paint in order to achieve strong contrast and mixtures. If you want to mix a dark shade from primary colours, be prepared to use lots of this paint. The colour looks like a variation of Cerulean Blue. This is a colour that can be used straight from the tube without much mixing because the colour isn't incredibly intense to begin with.

I tried to mix a really dark shade for the pants so that I could cover the bricks but with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, it's almost impossible.

This limited palette is a good choice for warm scenes because the dominant colours are Aussie Red Gold and Quinacridone Liliac. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise complements the palette well by being a supporting colour and let the other two colours be the stars.

Because the greens from this palette is too dull, this is definitely not a palette for painting landscapes, or any subjects that has green in them. If you need green, you'll need to add other tubes of paints, like cool yellow and cool blue if you need bright greens.

I kinda like this palette mostly because I like Quinacridone Liliac. It's a "red" that I'll be adding to my collection after I finish using other reds that I already have.

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