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Hey Teoh,

Hey Teoh,

Thanks for the amazing review. This review convinced me to get the artisul d16, though I have been experiencing problems.

Did your review sample have any color uniformity issues? I've already ordered a 2nd artisul d16, and both have this weird blue shift color defect, it looks like the screen display has a large oval "airbrushed" blue spot in the upper left. Its annoying because this is happening on both units, and I can only see it when I am looking at the display dead on, not at any angle.

If I look at the display at any offset angle, the colors and brightness actually get noticeably better lol, but get slightly worse when I look at it straight on. The effect is like the complete opposite of a TN monitor, where viewing angles other than straight on are bad.

Please let me know if this was a problem with your unit as well, I do like the artisul d16, and am hoping the 3rd unit I order will be the perfect one.