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Book Review: In the Future...

In the Future - cover art

This book is the portfolio of students who attended course at the Art Center College of Design.

It's an impressive showcase of work from the students. The art pieces are selected from the curriculum of the art course.

Specifically, the art in this book are categorized into 5 areas: Character, Color Theory, Architecture, Visual Development and Originality. All the designs and paintings are captioned by their creator to explain the concept behind.

This book is probably to promote the students to studio headhunters and to prospective students. It shouldn't be too hard achieve that, looking at the quality of talent here.

You might also want to check out another book from the same series, The Skillful Huntsman. It features Khang Le, Mike Yamada and Felix Yoon, who came from the same art college.

In the Future... - 01

In the Future... - 02

In the Future... - 03

In the Future... - 04

In the Future... - 05

In the Future... - 06

In the Future... - 07

In the Future... - 08

In the Future... - 09

In the Future... - 10

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